A new isosurface extraction method on arbitrary grids

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Journal of Computational Physics
  • Volumen: 444
  • Fecha: 01 noviembre 2021
  • ISSN: 10902716 00219991
  • Tipo de fuente: Revista
  • DOI: 10.1016/
  • Tipo de documento: Artículo
  • Editorial: Academic Press Inc.
© 2021 The Author(s)The development of interface-capturing methods (such as level-set, phase-field or volume of fluid (VOF) methods) for arbitrary 3D grids has further highlighted the need for more accurate and efficient interface reconstruction procedures. In this work, we propose a new method for the extraction of isosurfaces on arbitrary polyhedra that can be used with advantage for this purpose. The isosurface is extracted from volume fractions by a general polygon tracing procedure, which is valid for convex or non-convex geometries, even with non-planar faces. The proposed method, which can be considered as an extension of the marching cubes technique, produces consistent results even for ambiguous situations in polyhedra of arbitrary shape. To show the reproducibility of the results presented in this work, we provide the open source library isoap, which has been developed to implement the proposed method and includes test programs to demonstrate the successful extraction of isosurfaces on several grids with polyhedral cells of different types. We present results obtained not only for isosurface extraction from discrete volume fractions resulting from a volume of fluid method, but also from data sets obtained from implicit mathematical functions and signed distances to scanned surfaces. The improvement provided by the proposed method for the extraction of isosurfaces in arbitrary grids will also be very useful in other fields, such as CFD visualization or medical imaging.

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