Economic estimation of cactus pear production and its feasibility in Spain

  • Lucía Andreu-Coll /
  • Marina Cano-Lamadrid /
  • Luis Noguera-Artiaga /
  • Leontina Lipan /
  • ángel A. Carbonell-Barrachina /
  • Beatriz Rocamora-Montiel /
  • Pilar Legua /
  • Francisca Hernández /
  • David López-Lluch
Journal no
Trends in Food Science and Technology
  • Volumen: 103
  • Fecha: 01 septiembre 2020
  • Páginas: 379-385
  • ISSN: 09242244
  • Tipo de fuente: Revista
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.tifs.2020.07.003
  • Tipo de documento: Nota
  • Editorial: Elsevier Ltd
© 2020 Elsevier LtdThis paper explores economic opportunities of Opuntia cultivation in Spain regarding fresh food production (comparing production structures of Mexico, Italy and Spain), cactus pear non-food uses (exploiting its bio-functional, medicinal, nutraceutical and cosmetic properties) and environmental issues related to climate change mitigation through soil carbon sequestration. Cactus pear production structures and costs are different in the three countries: Mexico (939.77 ¿), Italy (4.055.1 ¿) and Spain (9453.77 ¿). Spain does not present a real productive sector but only isolated farms. Opuntia is an interesting opportunity for non-food production due to the amount of its bioactive compounds. Main components (¿g g¿1 dried weight) are: kaempferol (34), myrcetin (65), isorhamnetin and derivatives (590), luteolin (8.4), ferulic acid and derivatives (1,050), and catechin (50). Obtaining these compounds could be a way of increasing cactus pear production profitability and creating jobs and value in rural areas. Cactus pear cultivation is a successful tool to mitigate climate change in arid and semiarid regions considering adequate farm and cultivation practices and systems. This crop is often located in high rurality areas, cultivated by small and micro-farmers. Cactus pear cultivation can be an effective tool for rural development in European arid and semiarid areas regarding production, job creation and environmental issues.

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