How to shape multiple scenarios

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International Series in Operations Research and Management Science
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  • Fecha: 01 enero 2019
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© Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2019. In a portfolio with different projects, and where a project may participate simultaneously in various scenarios, this chapter addresses the issue of assigning projects to each one, which usually have different demands and characteristics. These scenarios may involve, for instance, different plots of land situated in different places or countries, where different kinds of undertakings for land use are contemplated. That is, its objective is to consider simultaneously all possible scenarios (different plots), undertakings (different land uses) and projects (different plans) and to determine the best projects for each scenario. In addition, it can also find which are the more significant or important scenarios and their restrictions. The objective of this chapter is to pose this type of multiple scenario problems, whose resolution is described in Chap. 7, Sect. 7.7.

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