SISVOD: Sensing and intervention system on vehicles travelling in the opposite direction

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Road and Traffic Safety: Practices, Role of Human Behavior and Effective Programs
  • Fecha: 01 enero 2014
  • Páginas: 49-73
  • ISBN: 9781634631464
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© 2015 by Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.The most important advances in recent years in computer and communications have made these technologies play a predominant role in transport which has been reflected in a growing development of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) providing comfort and safety. Given the expansion of telematic communication services in recent years and in the context of security, this intelligent system allows one to avoid traffic accidents happening on their own characteristics resulting in a high level of severity and suggests that, in most cases, it carries a high death toll: the collision between two vehicles when one of these flows in the opposite direction on a highway. The proposed method is based on the exchange of information between vehicles and infrastructure nodes (V2I Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communications) and interprets whether the infringement is made voluntarily, that is to say, knowingly and willfully, or otherwise involuntarily, that is to say, errors in the driving that may have been caused by different factors. In addition, a set of actions are to be performed on the offending vehicle and the track on which the offence is committed in order to avoid the accident. The proposal has been tested and validated on an agent-based computer program characterized by allowing the simultaneous execution of different tasks that simulate the behaviour of the various components involved in the system platform. The evaluation of the proposed method, which involved twelve users, has obtained a success rate of 100% out of a total of one hundred and twenty tests.

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