Microwave near-field focusing properties of width-tapered microstrip leaky-wave antenna

  • Alejandro Javier Martínez-Ros /
  • José Luis Gómez-Tornero /
  • Francisco Javier Clemente-Fernandez /
  • Juan Monzó-Cabrera
Journal ar
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
  • Volumen: 61
  • Número: 6
  • Fecha: 01 enero 2013
  • Páginas: 2981-2990
  • ISSN: 0018926X
  • Tipo de fuente: Revista
  • DOI: 10.1109/TAP.2013.2252138
  • Tipo de documento: Artículo
  • Editorial: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
The possibility of microwave near-field focusing using a simple width-tapered microstrip leaky-wave antenna is theoretically and experimentally proven in this paper. The design procedure to obtain the modulation of the microstrip width along the antenna length is described, illustrating the conditions and limitations for optimum focusing at a certain focal point and using a given substrate. A 7.5 ¿0-long microstrip lens is designed to operate at 15 GHz, and its focusing properties are studied. An array of two in-phase microstrip lenses located front-to-front is proposed to obtain a symmetric focusing pattern with higher spatial resolution. Theoretical and experimental results demonstrate the optimum synthesis of a focusing region with focal length of 3 ¿0, presenting focal width of only 0.33 ¿0, and focal depth of 1.25 ¿0. Finally, it is reported the frequency focus-scanning performance in the range 14-17 GHz. All these features make the proposed microstrip lens a simpler alternative solution to focused planar phased-arrays. © 2013 IEEE.

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