A review and comparative study of wind action on structures using Eurocode and the Spanish code (CTE)

  • A. Tomás /
  • M. Morales
Journal ar
Informes de la Construccion
  • Volumen: 64
  • Número: 527
  • Fecha: 01 diciembre 2012
  • Páginas: 381-390
  • ISSN: 00200883 19883234
  • Tipo de fuente: Revista
  • DOI: 10.3989/ic.10.049
  • Tipo de documento: Artículo
The publication of the Spanish standard Building Technical Code (CTE) in 2006 was a landmark in obtaining the wind action on structures, with respect to the previous standard. The CTE was developed, among other reasons, to adapt the Spanish standards to the Eurocodes, with which there must be convergence prior to 2010. In this context, a comparative study of the parameters that are involved in obtaining the wind action using the CTE and Eurocode 1 has been carried out. Three examples of conventional structures have been used to quantify the influence of this action on the final design: an industrial building, and two buildings with heights of 5 and 25 storeys. As conclusions of this research, some clarifications to improve the application of Spanish code are provided and some additional capabilities from Eurocode 1 are underlined, which could be considered in order to perform a more precise structural design.

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