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Regulation strategies for wind power fluctuations in a system depeding on ramping power range

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European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition 2010, EWEC 2010
  • Volumen: 6
  • Fecha: 01 diciembre 2010
  • Páginas: 4801-4807
  • ISBN: 9781617823107
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Power fluctuations have an impact on power system operation and costs, according with the increasing production of wind power worldwide. These fluctuations are also a security issue in systems with weak interconnections, as Iberian Peninsula Power System. Large amount of wind power installed in Spain and future expansion give rise to concerns about the adverse effects of wind farms on power operations and its stability. The worst cases regarding the power system are the most negative ramp rates in the Wind Farms, where the Power System has to compensate such drops in the wind power production. From those available types of regulations there are two, which can be also useful for reducing the effects of the fluctuations, concretely the ramp limitation (positive and/or negative) and the delta production constraint. In this paper presents the improvement using different maximum positive ramps depeding on the power range, in comparison with a fixed maximum positive ramp limitation. When one of those strategies is applied, the resulting power output is analyzed, comparing this output with the original available power, being that difference the power losses caused by these regulation strategies. The assay shows the comparison of such strategies, regarding energy losses and the improvement for power system stability.

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