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Power reduction of a 12-bit 40-MS/s pipeline ADC exploiting partial amplifier sharing

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Proceedings -Design, Automation and Test in Europe, DATE
  • Fecha: 22 octubre 2009
  • Páginas: 369-373
  • ISSN: 15301591
  • ISBN: 9783981080155
  • Tipo de fuente: Ponencia
  • Tipo de documento: Documento de conferencia
High performance analog-to-digital converters (ADC) are essential elements for the development of high performance image sensors. These circuits need a big number of ADCs to reach the required resolution at a specified speed. Moreover, nowadays power dissipation has become a key performance to be considered in analog designs, specially in those developed for portable devices. Design of such circuits is a challenging task which requires a combination of the most advanced digital circuit, the analog expertise knowledge and an iterative design. Amplifier sharing has been a commonly used technique to reduce power dissipation in pipelined ADCs. In this paper we present a partial amplifier sharing topology of a 12 bit pipeline ADC, developed in 0.35¿m CMOS process. Its performance is compared with a conventional amplifier scaling topology and with a fully amplifier sharing one. © 2009 EDAA.

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