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Strategies for intelligent signal monitoring

  • S. Barro /
  • R. Ruiz /
  • J. Presedo /
  • A. Bugarin
Conference Proceeding cp
Proceedings of the Annual Conference on Engineering in Medicine and Biology
  • Volumen: 13
  • Número: pt 1
  • Fecha: 01 diciembre 1991
  • Páginas: 360-362
  • ISSN: 05891019
  • ISBN: 0780302168
  • Tipo de fuente: Ponencia
  • Tipo de documento: Documento de conferencia
  • Editorial: Publ by IEEE Piscataway, NJ, United States
Several aspects of intelligent signal monitoring are presented considering that increasing abstraction, symbolic processing and context dependent references are three of the most important aspects for the construction of anthropomimetic signal monitoring systems. Some of the special peculiarities, problems and possibilities associated with intelligent signal monitoring processes and systems are illustrated. The evolution of signal monitoring systems is described. A discussion of intelligent monitoring processes is given, covering the symbolic treatment of information, the abstraction of information, the abstraction of information, and the consideration of contextual dependencies.

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