Defect detection in textures through the use of entropy as a means for automatically selecting the wavelet decomposition level

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Sensors (Switzerland)
  • Volumen: 16
  • Número: 8
  • Fecha: 01 August 2016
  • ISSN: 14248220
  • Source Type: Journal
  • DOI: 10.3390/s16081178
  • Document Type: Article
  • Publisher: MDPI AG Postfach Basel CH-4005
© 2016 by the authors. This paper presents a robust method for defect detection in textures, entropy-based automatic selection of the wavelet decomposition level (EADL), based on a wavelet reconstruction scheme, for detecting defects in a wide variety of structural and statistical textures. Two main features are presented. One of the new features is an original use of the normalized absolute function value (NABS) calculated from the wavelet coefficients derived at various different decomposition levels in order to identify textures where the defect can be isolated by eliminating the texture pattern in the first decomposition level. The second is the use of Shannon¿s entropy, calculated over detail subimages, for automatic selection of the band for image reconstruction, which, unlike other techniques, such as those based on the co-occurrence matrix or on energy calculation, provides a lower decomposition level, thus avoiding excessive degradation of the image, allowing a more accurate defect segmentation. A metric analysis of the results of the proposed method with nine different thresholding algorithms determined that selecting the appropriate thresholding method is important to achieve optimum performance in defect detection. As a consequence, several different thresholding algorithms depending on the type of texture are proposed.

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