Wireless corner: RFID-based traceability along the food-production chain

  • Eva Rajo-Iglesias /
  • Iñigo Cuiñas /
  • Robert Newman /
  • Mira Trebar /
  • Luca Catarinucci /
  • Alejandro A. Melcon
Journal ar
IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine
  • Volumen: 56
  • Número: 2
  • Fecha: 01 January 2014
  • Páginas: 196-207
  • ISSN: 10459243
  • Source Type: Journal
  • DOI: 10.1109/MAP.2014.6837090
  • Document Type: Article
  • Publisher: IEEE Computer
This contribution explains and analyzes the use of RFID (radio-frequency identification) for defining a complete traceability system applied to the food-production chain. The paper contains a summary of the actual work developed to test the ability of radio technologies to perform traceability at different food companies in a variety of sectors: wine, fish, and meat. Each pilot experience is explained, with special emphasis on the radio segment implemented by RFID technologies and sensors, whether connected by wired or as elements of a wireless sensor network. The application of the new RFID-based system at the three investigated sectors, and the return on investment that the companies could obtain by its usage, are the core of the paper. © 2014 IEEE.

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