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Analysis and compensation of magnetic anomalies on vesse¿s flight decks

  • Antonio Villalba Madrid /
  • Alejandro álvarez Melcón
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Computational Methods in Marine Engineering V - Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Computational Methods in Marine Engineering, MARINE 2013
  • Fecha: 01 December 2013
  • Páginas: 806-817
  • ISBN: 9788494140747
  • Source Type: Conference Proceeding
  • Document Type: Conference Paper
In this paper we propose a novel and effective technique for the study and compensation of local magnetic anomalies, avoiding complex deperming processes. The technique is based on two main steps: Measurement of near-field magnetic maps on the deck of the naval platform, and a post-processing technique to identify the exact location of the main magnetic perturbations and its assessment. After these two steps, the detected magnetic anomalies are effectively compensated with degaussing coils using a genetic algorithm based optimization technique. The new technique has been successfully applied to the detection and compensation of a local magnetic perturbation in a Vesse¿s Flight Deck, which was having important operational issues.

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