Causes and foundations of coastal territorial asymmetry in the coastal development of the Region of Murcia

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Revista de Obras Publicas
  • Volumen: 160
  • Número: 3547
  • Fecha: 01 October 2013
  • Páginas: 49-63
  • ISSN: 00348619
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The coastline of the Region of Murcia has a unique spatial configuration within the Mediterranean coast, and this is currently the least urbanized of the Spanish coast. However, if we perform a retrospective analysis of the urbanization process we can observe the aftermath of developmentalism inherited urban pathologies of the 60's. This phenomenon, combined with the derivatives collateral costs imposed law of 1988, generated an intense sink effect of urban development around the Mar Menor. This territorial configuration yields, years later, a dual picture where we can find an environment overexploited suffers from a steep hypertrophy urban versus tens of kilometers of virgin beach on which a crestfallen estate eyes are now fixed. Fifty years after the commissioning in Spain of mass tourism is therefore already with the perceptive enough historic value one of the consequences of tourism in the Region of Murcia, now that at the national level raises the debate on the culture of leisure as a way out of the economic crisis mechanism..

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