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Towards RFID traceability systems of farmed fish supply chain

  • Mira Trebar /
  • Andrej Grah /
  • Alejandro Alvarez Melcon /
  • Alfredo Parreno
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2011 International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks, SoftCOM 2011
  • Fecha: 23 November 2011
  • Páginas: 6-11
  • ISBN: 9789532900262
  • Source Type: Conference Proceeding
  • Document Type: Conference Paper
In the project "RFID from Farm to Fork" an implementation of RFID technologies will be used along the food supply chain: from farm to the consumer. The paper is intended to highlight two examples of how to define farmed fish traceability system suitable for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The first one presents a change from a manual collection of data to an electronic RFID implementation in a small company that performs a complete supply chain from fish farm to retail and private customers. In the second one, a part of already automated process of packing fish using barcode labeling will be upgraded by RFID technology, and traceability will be extended back to breeding and on-growing fish farms, which currently use manual collection of data. The proposed design and selection of fixed and mobile RFID readers in different steps of pilot implementation are defined as modules which could be used as a general approach to apply an automated business process. © 2011 University of Split.

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