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Anisotropic meta-substrate conical-beam leaky-wave antenna

  • Attieh Shahvarpour /
  • Alejandro Alvarez Melcon /
  • Christophe Caloz
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Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference Proceedings, APMC
  • Fecha: 01 December 2010
  • Páginas: 299-302
  • ISBN: 9784902339222
  • Source Type: Conference Proceeding
  • Document Type: Conference Paper
A broadband and low beam squint anisotropic magneto-dielectric 2D leaky-wave antenna excited by a vertical electric source is presented. A comparison of the TMz dispersion behavior of the structure for Drude/Lorentz dispersive anisotropic and an isotropic non-dispersive grounded slabs is performed. The isotropic slab is restricted to leaky-wave pointing angles near endfire with very low radiation performance due to the inherent endfire radiation null caused by the slab. As a result, its radiation is dominated by the space-wave, which leads to low directivity and beam scanning incapability. In contrast, the anisotropic meta-substrate provides a highly directive and efficient 2D leaky-wave radiation with great design flexibility. At its lower frequencies, it provides narrow-band full-space conical-beam scanning while at higher frequencies, it enables a designable angle fixed-beam with low-beam squint radiation. This antenna may find applications in broadband point-to-point communication and radar systems. © 2010 IEICE Institute of Electronics Informati.

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